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M.V General Building


All aspects of building work are undertaken , hopefully these photos will give anyone the peace of mind they are looking for, knowing that there project will be in safe hands.

Permission was given to take all the photos.

Here we have just a standard downstairs shower room built in an extension.

Any existing shower/ bathroom can easily be adapted to have this finish.

Here we have a ground floor wet room.

This is the area we specialise in.

Every client has individual needs which in some cases ( like this one ) can be met by us with a team of occupational therapists and even a architect to help achieve this.

Normal ground floor, first floor or even appartements can be easily adapted to create a level entry shower area for the able and less able.

Here we have a level access concrete ramp with retaining walls (in this case excluding hand rails).

Once again if you feel your needs are complex a friendly architect can be offered through M.V General Building along with a occupational therapist to suit your needs. Most works are simple enough to be discussed and carried out with Matthew.

Specialist front and back doors can be fitted with a role over threshold. This allows wheel chairs and scooters to easily enter and exit the house.

Here we have a ground floor bedroom and wet room extension.

All your building services to complete a job of this size can easily be offered through M.V General Building.

Here we have a pair of bi-fold doors and a sliding door.

M.V General Building give excellent attention to detail on all there finishes. In this case much time and care was taken to match the existing varnish on all the doors in the house.

Here we have a conversion. This was once just a first floor bedroom. The rear of the room had two cupboards put in and a level entry wet room.

Reboard & Plaster


This is the same ceiling that is in the image above

Solid bamboo wood flooring

Bamboo flooring, divided into thirds. Decorating was also completed by us.